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I started my zymurgy journey in 1992 after returning from a life changing scientific research trip to Alaska. A deckhand aboard the ship we were working on stated that he brewed his own beer at home (outside of Fairbanks). That is all this young man, born and raised in NYC, needed to hear. It was time that my German heritage and love of the world's most popular elixir inspired me to brew the beers I had come to love on my frequent travels to Germany and beyond. The mission, to create perfectly balanced and nuanced beers. In the beginning, for about six years, I guided aspiring brewers at the Beer Necessities homebrew shop where I read every how to book and magazine I could get my hands on. As a lab tech, research assistant, mechanic, junior machinist and jack of all trades I was well suited to learn the craft and build my own equipment along the way. Since then I have brewed hundreds of batches of mostly traditional beers and many inspired variations thereof. The end result is brewing all grain batches at the Klaus Brau Haus nano 1bbl consulting brewery since 2012. My journey has transformed into a career as a professional brewer since October of 2016.


                                                    -Klaus Kuhland
Brewmaster/ Quality Control

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